Minük (Suecia/Colombia)
Medicine devotional music  


Offering a rich legacy from their stellar individual musical careers and spiritual journeys, Marcus Berg and Almunis create a profound sacred space for healing and remembrance of the heart. Their music is the loving confluence of two potent crystalline streams gushing with Nordic light purity, South American earth medicine and the vision of the Vedas.

The duo met at Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia while touring far from their homelands with their own musical projects Lulacruza and Markandeya, and felt a strong call to unite their voices and visions. Shortly after, they started traveling through South America recording new music born from their encounter.

Minük’s sound is characterized by weaving voices and strings in a swirling harmonious tapestry rooted in South American and African percussion. Almunis and Marcus take turns leading and supporting each other, seamlessly flowing between English and Spanish songs. Their music is a universal transmission of union and peace, a solar expression of joy. Star code melodies and compelling chants coexist in an updated refined synergy: the merging of two remarkable artists whose radiant love and music bring the world a bit closer. Between them they have composed and produced a joint discography of fourteen albums, and toured all over the world as visionary nomad artists. They are currently based in Bali, Indonesia finishing their debut album Aurora, to be released in 2018.