A very deep and resonant dive! Nourishing, restoring and empowering, but also confronting. I was confronted with the ways in which I hide, the ways I strive to “do” or “be” which take me away from the simplicity of resting within myself.

My favorite part: when I felt the fullness of sound resonating within me and around me, and there was a sense of effortlessness, fullness, richness and deliciousness.

Jessica Begin (Canada)

Almunis’ embodiment of sound through light and matter is inspirational. I am filled with gratitude and joy!

I now feel the joy of inhabiting my world, and the trust that I am never alone. This gives me integrity, confidence and openness. I’m experiencing more intimacy with myself. This is a practice that replenishes and opens, being connected and more light and playful.

I can now allow myself not to be perfect and I”m loving every part of my expression.

Maria Elena L’abbate (Italy)

«If anyone has the calling to wake up to the power of voice, to your first instrument and to the gift it is to be able to express, to voice, to sing your song then I would 100% recommend this.

Almunis Alejandra Ortiz taught on my last «Body Image immersion». Her offering and presence was AMAZING and to immerse so deeply in her offering will I am sure indeed be «Life Changing» and way beyond what you could imagine. She is very very special. Thank you for your work and vision.»
Bex Tyrer. Yoga Barn. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

«An extremely powerful way to access a relaxed, authentic and empowered voice. I’ve found her techniques have also supported and facilitated incredibly fast movement and healing of emotional, energetic and physical blockages !! I highly recommend this work!»
Malaika Vera. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

I rediscovered an instrument that I always had but never really knew how to to use! The immersion showed me how to use my own voice, my own instrument to activate and reorder parts of my body and soul, and to give myself what I had been looking for outside of myself, but had inside of me!
Nadja Angersbach (Germany)

A beautiful, deeply grounded process of returning to the present, to the body and to the energy of sound as a pathway for healing. I have learned how to use my voice to clear old energies and stories, balance, connect and even discover the limitless potential of ourselves and the collective. Every voice is a blessing!

This process gave me embodied insight into how I relate to others, how I show up and share my true self. I feel such a deeper connection to my center through working with the visualizations.

It means a lot to truly receive a transmission! Im excited to rest in this new energy where the whole world is SINGING and I can feel how the worlds flow within me.

My favorite part: Almunis’ honesty and integrity in sharing her truth, this ONE way, as a way, and not THE way. Her sharing of visions, dreams and her perception of the unseen is such a gift, and made a huge difference in how I processed the energy.

Loved the silence and sweetness of Barichara, letting go of old stories in a subtle way, RETURNING, and allowing the FUTURE space to come and guide us to new possibilities and realities.

Im so grateful and happy to have received this beautiful transmission of truth, light and LOVE, and happy to continue the divine dance of balancing the masculine and feminine inside. Grounding, centering, coming home to myself and cultivating the vibrations inside of me. “

Louisa Fry (USA)