Activation sessions

* All sessions are available in person or long-distance via Zoom *
* No previous singing experience required *

The Embodied Voice Activation is a powerful session to open your voice and whole being to singing. Recommended for people who want to sing, as well as ANYONE looking to access their own authentic vocal expression.

Through movement and body awareness, vocal sounds, visualizations and energy re-patterning, you learn to recognize the blockages to your creative expression. Using sound exercises, you can open the free flow of YOUR OWN VOICE, learning to use it as a dynamic source of integration, presence, depth and enjoyment.

These sessions have the capacity of opening the body gates that connect us to the inexhaustible elemental forces of nature (both energetically and physically), and help us remember the empowered sacred creator beings that we are, embodying spontaneity, joy, creativity and trust.

The Embodied Voice Activation was developed by Almunis | Alejandra Ortiz after years of experience in the ways of singing, anusara yoga, Taoist training, Native American spirituality and drama therapy.  Almunis is a Colombian singer and songwriter, whose musical core is rooted in the immemorial ritual practices of the Americas. A graduate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA; And Certified Sound Therapist from the Sound, Voice and Music Healing Program from CIIS in San Francisco, California, USA, Almunis has had a phenomenal global career both as a soloist and as a co-founder of the band Lulacruza, singing on four continents and recording more than 30 albums.

In 2016 Almunis united with her partner Marcus Berg Marcus is a Swedish singer and songwriter who’s been sharing pearls of wisdom from the Vedic lineage through touring the world with his bands Kultiration and Markandeya. Marcus co-teaches the Embodied Voice Activation by sharing his reverence for singing as golden tool for self-love and expansion. They are currently working on their first album together under the name Minük, and co-teaching Embodied Voice Activations in South America, Asia, Europe and India.

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