FULLY BOOKED – Embodied Voice Immersion Jan. 27 – Feb. 2 2019

We just spent a profound week with students from Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Australia and Indonesia  who came for our first EMBODIED VOICE IMMERSION in Barichara. We are filled with joy and in awe of the power of the human voice to heal and bring us back to the inner source… Celebrating the deep resonance and colorful HARMONY that emanates from finding our authentic EMBODIED VOICE!

October Embodied Voice Immersion is SOLD OUT

43691915_2108825052780640_2275114330687012864_o.jpgEstamos por fin en nuestra casa en Barichara! Felices de sentir la belleza y poder de este territorio ancestral…. Ya está todo listo para los participantes que vienen de 8 paises diferentes al primer retiro Embodied Voice Immersion in Colombia Oct. 15-21, 2018 (SOLD OUT!) pero quedan los últimos 4 cupos para el de Enero! Embodied Voice Immersion in Colombia Jan. 27 – Feb. 2, 2019
Escriban si necesitan más información… sonidosana@gmail.com


MADRE DE LUZ – New video


With so much gratitude and joy I share my song MADRE DE LUZ

MADRE DE LUZ by Minük feat. Tina Malia

An invocation to the Mother of Light
Canto Medicina. Memoria de Unidad.
Canto para desaparecer en la unidad…

Gracias infinitas a tod@s quienes han elevado este canto junto a mi y en tantos círculos a través de los años… Se siente como un rio dorado y poderoso que limpia todo a su paso. LA VOZ ES LA MAS POTENTE MEDICINA que despierte en mi y en tod@s!

Music by Minük (Marcus Berg & Almunis)
Lyrics by Almunis Alejandra Ortiz
With Tina Malia, Sebatierra and Rob Weber

Filmed in Ubud, Bali May 2018
by Jean Manuel Nadeau


Retiro de Inmersion en la Voz Auténtica(1)

We are so happy to announce the opening of SONIDO SANA, our new gorgeous home and sound healing center in Barichara, in Colombia’s northern mountains! We are elated to offer the upcoming Embodied Voice Immersions in this peaceful and delightful ancestral territory. All the information is below, but please contact us if you have further questions at sonidosana@gmail.com

EMBODIED VOICE IMMERSIONS in beautiful Barichara, Colombia
with Almunis (Lulacruza, Minük) & Marcus Berg (Markandeya)

October 15th – 21st, 2018: ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT!!!
Follow this link to register: https://live.vcita.com/site/voice

January 27th to February 2nd, 2019: OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

The Immersion is a potent in-depth space for all who want to find and ripen their true voice, connecting with singing as a live vibrant energy. This profound exploration of the energetics behind Embodied Singing will ignite the creative source in the center of your being, and allow the sacred qualities of your voice to flow intact, healthy and free.

The Embodied Voice is a holistic method of self-healing and transformation which reconnects individuals and communities to their true voice, vitality and life force, by reactivating their inner vibration and expanding their resonance and creative power.

The immersion is open to all levels. It is not necessary to have previous singing experience, just a desire and commitment to find your authentic expression.

At the end of the Immersion you will receive a “30 hours Embodied Voice Immersion Certificate of completion”. These 30 hours can be used towards the 200 hours Embodied Voice Teacher Training newly offered by SONIDO SANA.

Taught in English / Spanish

Arrival: January 27th between 2 and 6pm
Departure: February 2nd after breakfast at 9am

The Embodied Voice Immersion INCLUDES:
– 2 daily sessions (3 hours each) of Embodied Voice training (total 30 hours)
– Daily tuning-in sessions with Markandeya
– 1 individual voice coaching session with Almunis
– 1 group Vibrational sound concert with local healer Patricia Macaya

FOOD: 3 delicious, gluten-free, vegan meals per day with tropical juices and herbal infusions. The menu has been specially designed for us to support a transformative singing practice by the incredible Flor de Melon.

ACCOMMODATION: Stay in double or triple rooms with private bathroom in our bright and spacious colonial house.

OPTIONAL (not included in the price)
Daily morning Yoga classes. Shiatsu, therapeutic or relaxation massages.

– Flights, transportation to/from airport

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $620 USD Paying before November 15th on this link: https://paypal.me/almunis
Discounted price for COLOMBIAN citizens: $1’575.000 COP


TO SAVE YOUR SPOT:  Register and pay $250 USD deposit (non-refundable) on this link:
OR PAY THE FULL FEE here: ttps://paypal.me/almunis
For more information please contact us: sonidosana@gmail.com

8 – 9 am Breakfast
9 – 9:15 am Tuning-in (sound meditation with Markandeya)
9:15 am – 12 m Morning session
12:30 – 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 – 3 pm Free time for rest and integration
3 – 6 pm Afternoon session
6:30 – 7:30 pm Dinner
7:30 – 8 pm Evening session (occasionally)

In this Immersion your will:

  • Discover the unlimited potencial of singing from your inner source -which is not an abstract concept- but a VERY tangible physical manifestation of embodying the vibrant energy that runs through everything in creation.
  • Upgrade your posture, breathing, phonation, articulation and resonance by developing the whole body as an instrument and vehicle of voice energy.
  • Improve your intonation by listening and feeling accurately with the body when you are in tune.
  • Recognize limiting relational patterns, which manifest themselves as blockages in your throat and expression.
  • Learn how to use your voice to heal wounds in your personal narrative and lineage, restoring the resonance and radiance of your vibratory field.
  • Unblock, harmonize and strengthen the energetic centers in the body with healing vocal frequencies and vowels.
  • Balance masculine and feminine inner aspects to sing from a place of wholeness within, radically widening your emotional, tonal and expressive range.
  • Consolidate your energetic axis to sing (and live!) without depleting your vitality or hurting the phonatory system.
  • Experience the power of singing freely with others as one diverse yet unified vibrational field. This multi-layered conscious sound has the potential to clear dense memories and stagnation from people and places, and harmonize discordant energies -past and present-. When we practice the Embodied Voice as a group, we harmonize, restore and nourish the sacred vibratory field of ourselves and others, increasing our capacity to live in harmony despite differences!


Led by Alejandra Ortiz / Almunis, Colombian singer, soundhealer and teacher, creator of Lulacruza and Minük. Almunis is the founder of SONIDO SANA and the Embodied Voice Method. She has been teaching hundreds of people around the world since 2005, based on her life-long journey with singing, anusara yoga, drama therapy, Taoist training, Native American plant medicine and spirituality.
READ MORE: https://sonidosana.com/bio/

Co-leader: Marcus Berg (Markandeya).  Singer and producer from Gothenburg, Sweden. Founder of the eight piece orchestra Kultiration and then later Markandeya and Minük. Since his first album 2004, Marcus has written and recorded over 100 songs creating warm and authentic, life-affirming spiritual music inspired from his studies of the Vedas.

Guest teacher: our amazing local healer and yoga goddess Patricia Macaya (Yogasana, Barichara)

Barichara is considered “The most beautiful village of Colombia” and was declared a National Monument in 1978. It is 300 km from Bogota and 118 km from Bucaramanga, at an altitude of 1330 meters. Its average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius, perfect weather! Read more: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/colombia/north-of-bogota/barichara

VIA BOGOTA: You can fly to Bogota El Dorado International airport (BOG), sleep there for one night (or more nights if you want to visit the capital!), then come either by rental car or a bus from the Bogota to Barichara (6 hrs aprox.)
If you come by bus: You can travel from Bogota to San Gil. Once in San Gil take a taxi or local bus to Barichara. IT IS POSSIBLE TO ARRANGE GROUP TRANSPORTATION FROM BOGOTA TO BARICHARA WITH US, WHEN PARTICIPANTS HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED.

We recommend you take some time to explore Barichara before or after the retreat (there are great hikes, architecture and community tourism). Also, we are 30 mins from San Gil, the outdoor capital of Colombia, with white-water rafting, paragliding, caving, rappelling and trekking. We are happy to provide suggestions for places to stay in Bogotá, and other regions to visit in Colombia!

First time in Europe: Embodied Voice Retreat in Sweden 2018

After more than 15 years developing and teaching the Embodied Voice, this is the first time that I will share these profound techniques in a retreat setting. This is a magical opportunity to awaken the medicine of your own voice in the pristine beauty of the Swedish Summer…

Upcoming Embodied Voice RETREATS in Sweden:
in Shambala, Borntoppet, Sweden 

in Mangalam, Tvååker, Sweden https://tictail.com/mangalam/3-days-of-activating-the-embodied-voice-with-emma-almunis-and-markendaya-7-9-september  
THIS RETREAT HAS BEEN POSTPONED! Please contact the organizers directly to request a refund or save your deposit for a future date! Thanks for understanding!

“An extremely powerful way to access a relaxed, authentic and empowered voice. I’ve found her techniques have also supported and facilitated incredibly fast movement and healing of emotional, energetic and physical blockages !! I highly recommend this work!”
Malaika Vera. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

La Ceiba open during July & August

Dear Family,

Our beautiful sound temple home in Colombia will be available to rent during July and August -for the full time or short term stays-. This is a wonderful opportunity we are offering to friends (and friends of friends), to live in a gorgeous, spacious antique colonial house in Barichara, a very peaceful bohemian village in the northern mountains, full of natural beauty. (Barichara is regarded as Colombia’s most beautiful village!).

If you know anyone that might be looking for a base to create, meditate, reflect and get to know a bit of Colombian culture, please send them our way! We are so in love with the land and perfect temperate climate there!

La Ceiba is a 400 square mts. antique colonial house built around two open patios, full of light and nature. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, an open kitchen, open living room, and a meditation room in the attic with stunning views over the village and mountains. It can sleep 11 people in shared double and triple rooms

We will also be renting rooms sporadically for visitors throughout the year when we are not holding Embodied Voice retreats and trainings there… But, July and August are a unique chance to have the house to yourself while we are touring in Europe.

If you feel called, now or later, please come visit us at some point! We are so happy to open this magical space for our global tribe… Just reach out with your dates and ideas 🙂

Here’s the link to the individual rooms for rent from July until the end of 2018: https://es.airbnb.com/rooms/24758923 (room for 1- 3 people)
https://es.airbnb.com/rooms/24762045 (room for 1 – 2 people)

The price for a monthly stay is significantly reduced. If you would like to rent a room for a full month or if you are interested in renting the FULL HOUSE write to : alelayla@gmail.com


Sanación con Sonido en Argentina!

Después de largas temporadas de gira por varios países con mi proyecto musical Lulacruza, de filmar y protagonizar Esperando el Tsunami -un documental sobre música y naturaleza en Colombia-, y de convertirme en madre (!) estoy finalmente regresando a uno de los trabajos que mas amo y más satisfacciones me trae: dar clases y hacer terapias con sonido!

Esta temporada me encuentra con inspiración y energía renovada, viviendo en una hermosa casa con sala de clases, donde además funciona mi consultorio privado, en San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Es una inmensa alegria estar un rato quieta para compartir los frutos de tantas bendiciones recibidas…. Aqui está este ofrecimiento, la invitación a atravesar una puerta hacia el centro de la creación, que late adentro de cada uno, para renovarnos cantando y resonando!! Gracias por leer.


Talleres de Sanación con Sonido en Colombia durante Febrero 2009


Alejandra Ortiz estará en Colombia durante Febrero del 2009, como parte de la gira de lanzamiento del segundo disco de Lulacruza Soloina

Estará dictando clases y talleres en YogaStudio, en Bogotá. Y dictará clases privadas y hará Circulos de Mujeres en locaciones en el Norte y Centro de la ciudad.



Lunes 16 & Miercoles 18 FEB. En locacion privada en el norte de Bogotá. Escribir a alelayla@gmail.com para informacion.


Viernes 20 FEB. – 9.00AM – 10.30AM en YogaStudio junto a Ana Muriel: Una combinación de jivamukti yoga con sonidos para armonizar durante el movimiento.

* MAMAS PRENATALES en YogaStudio junto a Ana Muriel: Para todas las mamás embarazadas, una sesion en donde el sonido en vivo y la voz  serán el instrumento para que mamá y bebes se conecten con la práctica del Yoga.

Martes 17 FEB. 6PM – 7.15PM

Sabado 21 FEB. 8am – 9.15am 


Martes 24 MARZO 7.15PM – 8.45PM en YogaStudio.

Para más información, escribir a alelayla@gmail.com

Sanación con Sonido en Colombia!

Alejandra Ortiz estará en Colombia durante los meses de Agosto, Septiembre y Octubre.

Aprovechando el lanzamiento y gira de su dúo Lulacruza en Bogotá, la cantante y compositora estará dictando Talleres de Canto, Yoga de la Voz y Sanación con Sonido por primera vez en Colombia.

También estará haciendo sesiones individuales de Armonización Sonora con Diapasones.