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AGOTADO Agosto 16-19, 2018 AWAKENING THE SOUND BODY en Borntoppet, Sweden (en inglés)


(en Inglés)
August 16- 19, 2018 in peaceful Borntoppet, SWEDEN

DISCOVERING YOUR SOUND BODY with Hanna Backman, Almunis & Marcus Berg

Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. By moving, listening and being present in our body, we can access the open flow of our unique expression. Pranayama, toning, and chanting, a vital part of the yoga system, will be our tools to embody and express the wholeness that we are.

From asana and pranayama we will dive into the sound body, to explore what movement, stillness, sound and silence awaken in us individually and as a group. In this retreat we will move from the grosser layers of our physical body, into the more subtle dimension of making, perceiving and receiving the sound of our voices.

Yoga asanas (postures) help us open up the body, creating fluidity and movement. With pranayama, we expand the body to handle air and energy. Using our own voices, we combine breath and whole body presence to harness the life force, expanding our own resonance and reactivating the trust in our inner vibration.

This is an invitation to incorporate the use of your own voice as a dynamic source of joy, trust, healing and creativity. No previous experience with singing or yoga is required. You just need to be curious.

Join us for 4 days at peaceful Borntorpet where you will be beautifully taken care of, sleeping in comfortable beds, eating clean healthy food, and with time in-between sessions for a dip in the lake or a nice sauna.