Vibrational Chart

The Vibrational Chart is a powerful healing tool that allows us to RESEARCH and effectively REPROGRAM the energetic patterns that determine our reality and govern the course of our life.

This therapy connects us with a very high dimension of our being, our Higher Self / I AM presence. From this place within, we access precise and concise information stored in our soul archives, to research the causes that are preventing the harmonious evolution of our Soul. The therapy then re-programs these causes instantly, releasing positive expressions of the soul that may have been affected.

During the session we harmonize the external energies that affect us, and we can also identify and dissolve our negative programming, along with the associated energetic burdens. We also remove recurring blockages and free original positive expressions of our soul, that are immediately available to be expressed, received and perceived in our life. The feeling of relief, peace and harmony is immediately palpable.

The therapy reconnects us with our own spirit and spiritual guides, and helps us remember our life purpose. These potent sessions can also be done to relationships, children, pets, houses, creative enterprises, businesses and locations.

The sessions are carried out by investigating through a series of graphs that are read with a pendulum. Duration: 75 minutes. In person or via Zoom.

I have the joy of offering this service publicly after having studied since 2018 with Samari Luz, medium and creator of the method.