Starts October 24th, 2021.

This course is for ANYONE who wants to connect with their own voice as a vibrant energy. The Embodied Voice Activation is a process that ignites the creative source at the center of your being, and allows your true voice to flow intact, healthy and free.

Recommended for those who want to find their true voice, rediscover the freedom and joy of singing, find their energetic throne and ignite the creative power in their lives.

Sundays October 24th, 31st, November 7th, 14th, and 21st.
from 9am to 11am (Colombia time). Check your local time here
Total: 10 hours of LIVE teachings.

It is not necessary to have any previous experience singing.
The sessions are LIVE through Zoom.
The session of each week is also recorded and available until October 2022.

SIGN UP: Embodied Voice Fundamentals Course

10 hours of life-changing LIVE teachings and practices.

313,00 US$


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  2. Pay $313 usd through PAY PAL: https://paypal.me/sonidosana
  3. Send the proof of payment to sonidosana@gmail.com

* Payments plans available. Please write to sonidosana@gmail.com for information.

Using body awareness, vocal sounds and visualizations you will learn how to open the “body gates” that connect us to the inexhaustible elemental forces of nature. Opening these gates will help you access a state of flow and availability, allowing the sacred universal current of sound to express through the unique container that is you.


  • The voice as vibrant energy

  • Mechanics and physiology of the phonatory system
  • Posture:
    – The body as a vehicle for the voice energy
    – Opening of the elemental portals in the body
    – Activation of the energetic axis
    – Rooting in the throne of the perineum and the pelvic bowl
    – Muscle energy vs subtle energy

  • Breathing:
    – Natural and complete breathing
    – Transparent inhalation and the state of flow

  • Clearing practices:
    – Discharging trauma from the sound body
    – Cleansing the inner waters and sexual connections
    – Regulating the inner fire and resetting the identity
    – Ancestral clearings

  • Resonance:
    – The Pure expression of the Vowels
    – Vowels as alchemical Elements
    – Restoring the vibratory field with your voice

  • Introduction to the Embodied Voice energetic gestures
    – Opening the channel
    – Reconnecting the mind, heart and energetic womb
    – The power of the inner smile
    – Recharging the crystal of the voice
    – The healing Mother / Father sound mantle

  • Healing Frequencies:
    – Voice range, frequencies and their effects
    – Chest voice and head voice registers

  • Practices:
    – Poses and exercises to release the voice and relax the body
    – Humming / The Mother Sound
    – Toning of the Chakras with pure Vowels
    – Using your voice for everyday energy management, emotional and physical health

SIGN UP: Embodied Voice Fundamentals Course

10 hours of life-changing LIVE teachings and practices.

313,00 US$


An extremely powerful way to access a relaxed, authentic and empowered voice. I’ve found Almunis’ techniques have also supported and facilitated incredibly fast movement and healing of emotional, energetic and physical blockages. I highly recommend this work!

Malaika Vera (Indonesia)

Almunis’ embodiment of sound through light and matter is inspirational. I am filled with gratitude and joy!

I now feel the joy of inhabiting my world, and the trust that I am never alone. This gives me integrity, confidence and openness. I’m experiencing more intimacy with myself. This is a practice that replenishes and opens, being connected and more light and playful.

I can now allow myself not to be perfect and I’m loving every part of my expression.

Maria Elena L’abbate (Italy)

I rediscovered an instrument that I always had but never really knew how to to use! The Embodied Voice showed me how to use my own voice, my own instrument to activate and reorder parts of my body and soul, and to give myself what I had been looking for outside of myself, but had inside of me!

Nadja Angersbach (Germany)

SIGN UP: Embodied Voice Fundamentals Course

10 hours of life-changing LIVE teachings and practices.

313,00 US$