Embodied Voice and Vessel – A journey into primordial essence of Being – with Chelan Freeman & Almunis. June 27th – July 1st, 2023 in Monte Velho, Portugal

Before the story, beneath the trauma. You are sound, you are movement, you are creation.
Inside each one of us pulsates a creative source, primordial and alive with possibilities. When
we attune to the sense of Aliveness which pulsates within the richness of our bodies, we can
start emptying out to recognize the fullness of each passing moment.

In this 5 day immersion, we will awaken through still motion, moving motion, embodied voice and vibration as a way to meet ourselves and become an instrument, a vessel, an offering.

Life truly is a dance. The softer and more fluid we become within our bodies the more aware of
our inner current we become, and the more we can be present and responsive to the invitation
to co-create with the impulse and sacred intelligence that wants to move and manifest through

Come learn and activate your embodied voice and vessel with 2 expansive teachers in the
field of sound healing, voice activation and somatic movement. We will be at the gorgeous
Monte Velho Retreat center in West Algarve, Portugal.


“This immersion has opened a locked door in my soul. I connected to a part of myself that I had
never met before. Now I feel the flow of emotions moving like a dance, and I feel freedom and
bliss! Thank you!“
Tunc Suerdas (Turkey)

“I now feel the joy of inhabiting my world, and the trust that I am never alone. I’m experiencing
more intimacy with myself. I can now allow myself not to be perfect and I’m loving every part of
my expression.“
Maria Elena L’abbate (Italy)


Its 5 days immersion & 4 nights at the beautiful Monte Velho retreat center in the South West of
Portugal. We will be diving into both the voice & the body through sound, movement &
meditation. It’s going to be a wonderful collaboration, the group is coming together so nicely.

Happy to send you more details if you’d like! Please write to embodiedvessel@gmail.com

5 days 4 nights
Check in 27th from 4pm till 8pm 
Check out July 1st at 10am rooms – venue 12pm
Closest airport is Faro

1290 euros in single room
990 euros each person in double room in a double bed
890 euros quadruple room
790 euros dorm accomodation

* May we all remember the powerful creative beings that we are. *

Meet your teachers

Chelan Freeman

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Chelan has been teaching Yoga & guiding movement practices for over 10yrs with a background in creative arts & contemporary dance. Her work is continually inspired by her own dedication to living wholeheartedly & becoming intimate with the totality of Life. Rooted in Embodiment practices, Earth rituals, Poetry & Somatics, her work offers a loving space for innate wisdom to appear & profound transformative insights to arise from one’s entire being.

Working with both ancient rhythms & direct experiences of self-exploration, Chelan is a skilful guide into the deep inner realms of organic intelligence. 

Retreats, Women’s circles & Art of Touch workshops have been at the forefront of Chelan’s offerings, held with devotion to enliven  connection & awaken a sense of inner enchantment.

Chelan is currently living & teaching in Portugal, holding sacred space & guiding movement practices with a growing community.


Almunis (born Alejandra Ortiz) is a Colombian singer, vibrational therapist, mother and teacher. Since 2005, she has offered thousands of voice and sound healing courses and immersions around the world, sharing her connection to singing as a path to self-knowledge and healing. She is a graduate from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA; and a certified Sound Therapist from the Sound, Voice and Music Healing Program from CIIS in San Francisco, California, USA.

Almunis has had a phenomenal global career both as a soloist and as a co-founder of her bands Lulacruza and Minuk, singing on four continents and recording more than 30 albums. All her songs, chants and offerings across the world aim to anchor light and sound codes from her star ancestry back into the Earth, activating an authentic, powerful presence of love and unity.

She is the founder of Sonido Sana and the creator of the Embodied Voice method. She is currently based in Colombia where she lives with her beloved husband and two daughters.


Please write to embodiedvessel@gmail.com for more information.