Embodied Voice Immersion near Berlin, Germany July 9 to 16th, 2022

This is an invitation to remember, activate and bless together
the sacred instrument that is our voice.

To allow the healing intelligence of the universal current of sound
be gracefully expressed through our unique individuality.

To let our sound body emanate a coherent resonant field,
creating a continuum of grace, creativity, fluidity and love.

These potent territory has called us again, and we are SO excited to return!
We will be gathering at the beautiful Adelhaus soundtemple retreat center
just 1.5 hours from Berlin.

This immersion is open to all levels.
It is not necessary to have previous singing experience,
just a desire and commitment to find your authentic expression.
Space limited to 14 participants.

The Embodied Voice Immersion is a potent in-depth space for all who want to find the resonance of their true voice, connecting with singing as a live vibrant energy. This profound exploration of the energetics behind Embodied Singing will ignite the creative source in the center of your being, and allow the sacred qualities of your voice to flow intact, healthy and free. 

The Embodied Voice is a holistic method of self-healing and transformation which reconnects individuals and communities to their true voice, vitality and life force, by reactivating their inner vibration and expanding their resonance and creative power.

Taught in English.

Arrival on July 9th (3pm check-in)
Departure on July 16th (2pm check-out)

In this Immersion you will:

  • Discover the unlimited potential of singing from your inner source -which is not an abstract concept- but a VERY tangible physical manifestation of embodying the vibrant energy that runs through everything in creation.
  • Upgrade your posture, breathing, phonation, articulation and resonance by developing the whole body as an instrument and vehicle of voice energy.
  • Improve your intonation by listening and feeling accurately with the body when you are in tune.
  • Recognize limiting relational patterns, which manifest themselves as blockages in your throat and expression.
  • Learn how to use your voice to heal wounds in your personal narrative and lineage, restoring the resonance and radiance of your vibratory field.
  • Unblock, harmonize and strengthen the energetic centers in the body with healing vocal frequencies and vowels.
  • Balance masculine and feminine inner aspects to sing from a place of wholeness within, radically widening your emotional, tonal and expressive range.
  • Consolidate your energetic axis to sing (and live!) without depleting your vitality or hurting the phonatory system.
  • Experience the power of singing freely with others as one diverse yet unified vibrational field. This multi-layered conscious sound has the potential to clear dense memories and stagnation from people and places, and harmonize discordant energies -past and present-. When we practice the Embodied Voice as a group, we harmonize, restore and nourish the sacred vibratory field of ourselves and others, increasing our capacity to live in harmony despite differences!


The Embodied Voice Immersion will take place in the beautiful surroundings of Berlin, in Brandenburg at the enchanting Adelhaus soundtemple and retreat center – a former four-sided courtyard embedded in the wide and spacious fields of Prignitz – offering an atmosphere for Inspiration, Mindfulness and Creativity. We are so honored to gather at a proper soundtemple to receive this activation!

How to get there:

Coming by car:
Simply open Google map on your navigator and follow directions to Hauptstraße Wilmersdorf 3, 16928 Pritzwalk – around 1,5 hours by car from Berlin. We can help to organize and connect if there is interest in car-sharing from Berlin or nearby.

Coming by train:
The train stop nearby is called ‘Heiligengrabe’, reachable with the Train RE6, around 2 hours from Berlin. We will offer free pick-up from this station.

Coming by air:
The nearest airport to Adelhaus is Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), from thereon you can either take the train or the car to Pritzwalk.


All our rooms are shared Twin Bedrooms, and there is one small single bedroom. The rooms are bright, comfortable, friendly and lovingly furnished. A shared bathroom is available for each apartment.


We include three abundant Vegetarian/Vegan meals per day offered by the creative and healthy cuisine of the Adelhaus with mostly organic and regional ingredients. Please let us know in advance if there are special requests.


€ 1155 Early-bird price paying the full fee before May 15th.

€ 1250 Investment
Our prices include all the Embodied Voice teachings, stay in double rooms plus 3 abundant Vegetarian meals per day, snacks, water and a selection of teas.


  • Send a copy of your payment to sonidosana@gmail.com


I rediscovered an instrument that I always had but never really knew how to to use! The immersion showed me how to use my own voice, my own instrument to activate and reorder parts of my body and soul, and to give myself what I had been looking for outside of myself, but had inside of me!Nadja Angersbach (Germany)

An extremely powerful way to access a relaxed, authentic and empowered voice. I’ve found her techniques have also supported and facilitated incredibly fast movement and healing of emotional, energetic and physical blockages !! I highly recommend this work!Malaika Vera (Bali)

This immersion has opened a locked door in my soul. I connected to a part of myself that I had never met before. Now I feel the flow of emotions moving like a dance, and I feel freedom and bliss! Thank you!Tunc Suerdas (Turkey)



Almunis (born Alejandra Ortiz) is a Colombian singer, vibrational therapist, mother and teacher. Since 2005, she has offered thousands of voice and sound healing courses and immersions around the world, sharing her connection to singing as a path to self-knowledge and healing. She is a graduate from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA; and a certified Sound Therapist from the Sound, Voice and Music Healing Program from CIIS in San Francisco, California, USA.

Almunis has had a phenomenal global career both as a soloist and as a co-founder of her bands Lulacruza and Minuk, singing on four continents and recording more than 30 albums. All her songs, chants and offerings across the world aim to anchor light and sound codes from her star ancestry back into the Earth, activating an authentic, powerful presence of love and unity.

She is the founder of Sonido Sana and the creator of the Embodied Voice method. She is currently based in Colombia where she lives with her beloved husband and two daughters.