Upcoming Retreats

May we all remember the sacred creative beings that we are!

The Embodied Voice immersions and retreats are the MOST powerful, effective and cost-efficient way to awaken and develop the healing presence of your own voice. Please send us a message if you want to organize a retreat in your area.

September 1st – 4th close to Bogota, COLOMBIA
Activación de la Voz Auténtica
Módulo 2 El Cristal del Canto – IMPARTIDO EN ESPAÑOL

La tribu de los cantos cristalinos se reúne de vuelta! Este es el Módulo 2 de Activación de la Voz Auténtica. Nos encontraremos por 3 días y medio a 1.5 horas de Bogotá, en un centro precioso, en una sala resonante. Abierto para quienes hayan venido al módulo 1 en Mayo, o hayan tomado clases o cursos con Almunis anteriormente.


October 15th to 23rd in Apulo, COLOMBIA
Blossom: a 9 day Embodied Voice Immersion for returning students


This is a space of empowerment and deepening for those students who have ALREADY participated in past Embodied Voice retreats with Almunis, finished one of our online courses, or who have taken at least 8 or more private sessions with Almunis.


April 1st to 8th in the Sacred Valley, PERU
Embodied Voice Immersion


We are returning to the stunning and magical Munay Sonqo for 7 days of Embodied singing. It’s our favorite retreat centers in the world! Nested amongst the impressive mountains and cradled by ancient waters and blossoming gardens.


June 24th to July 1st in Monte Velho, PORTUGAL
Embodied Voice and Vessel – A journey into primordial essence of Being – with Satu Tuomela & Almunis


Come, retreat and learn from two amazing and expansive transmitters and senior teachers on the fields of embodiment, yoga, Somatics, voice, self-actualization and embodied awakening! Almunis and Satu are both mothers and have been on the path of awakening since their childhood. These women are both very unique in their way of teaching and sharing.

You can expect beautiful poetic language, singing, rhyming, shamanic sensing and a lot of feeling and moving, an interplay between and as form and formlessness is very present!


August 7th to 14th in Shambala, SWEDEN
Embodied Voice Immersion


We are returning to Shambala, a beautiful retreat center in pristine nature in Sweden. Woods, floating sauna, lake and incredible vegan food! And, we will have the BIG shala!!!