Upcoming Retreats

May we all remember the sacred creative beings that we are!

The Embodied Voice immersions and retreats are the MOST powerful, effective and cost-efficient way to awaken and develop the healing presence of your own voice. Please send us a message if you want to organize a retreat in your area.

SOLD OUT May 19 – 22th close to Bogota, COLOMBIA

We will be gathering for 4 days, to activate our Embodied Voice. This immersion will happen in 2 modules. Taught in Spanish only.

June 25 – 26th in Lisboa, PORTUGAL

A 16 hours Embodied Voice intensive activation, in the heart of Lisboa. Taught in English & Spanish.

June 27-29th in Lisboa, PORTUGAL
Embodied Voice Fundamentals for therapists, facilitators and teachers (12hrs)

Learn how to apply the Embodied Voice principles and techniques to your current teaching, coaching or therapeutical practices. Available to students who have attended the Weekend Embodied Voice Activation or have finished previous retreats or courses with Almunis.

June 27th, 28th and 29th from 12m to 4pm


July 9 – 16th close to Berlin, GERMANY

We will be gathering at the enchanting Adelhaus Sountemple just 1.5 hours from Berlin for a 7 day retreat.

August 8 – 14th in Shambala, SWEDEN

We are returning to the golden Swedish Summer, full of prana, fresh waters and sunshine! Just 2 hours from Stockholm in the woods.