Coaching for singers

Discover and refine your voice as vibrant energy

* All sessions can be taken in person or remotely via Zoom

These coaching sessions are a personal and potent space for singers who want to find and ripen their true voice, connecting with singing as a live vibrant energy. This process ignites the creative source in the center of your being, and allows the artistry of your voice to flow intact, healthy and free.

We use the singing voice to heal wounds in the personal narrative and lineage, restoring the resonance of your vibratory field, and thereby releasing the full potential of the Embodied Voice. The coaching sessions are holistic and focus on embracing the richness and multi-dimensionality of singing. They are designed to accompany each singer according to their needs through specific exercises and practices.

  • Learn to be in your “energetic throne” keeping your voice channel open and active regardless of external conditions.
  • Upgrade your posture, breathing, phonation, articulation and resonance by developing the whole body as an instrument and vehicle of voice energy.
  • Improve your intonation by listening and feeling accurately with the body when you are in tune.
  • Expand your palette of singing techniques and resources.
  • Refine the quality, precision and agility of your vocal emission.
  • Consolidate your energetic axis to sing without depleting your vitality or hurting the phonatory system.
  • Balance masculine and feminine inner aspects to sing from a place of wholeness within, radically widening your emotional, tonal and expressive range.
  • Enhance the healing potential of your voice.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with the ego and with your role as “singer”.
  • Connect with your spiritual guides, teachers and supportive ancestors who join their vibration to your vibratory field, amplifying the purpose and scope of your singing.

For questions and to design a personal coaching program write to Almunis

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