Embodied Voice

The Embodied Voice is a potent, simple, yet highly effective method for all who want to find and ripen their authentic voice by connecting with singing as a live vibrant energy. This process ignites the creative source in the center of your being, and allows the artistry and power of your voice to flow intact, healthy and free.

It was developed by Almunis | Alejandra Ortiz who has devoted her life to singing, drawing wisdom from her experience touring and performing, as well as anusara yoga, Taoist training, Native American indigenous healing medicines, drama therapy and meditation.

The human voice is one of the most effective tools for self-knowledge and transformation. Singing connects us with the breath, the whole body and the life force, expanding our own resonance and reactivating our inner vibration.

We use the voice to heal wounds in our personal narrative and lineage, restoring the resonance of our vibratory field, and thereby releasing the full potential of the Embodied Voice. This method is holistic and focuses on embracing the richness and multi-dimensionality of singing.

* It is easily accessible to experienced singers and non-singers alike.*

* All sessions are available in person or long-distance via Skype *

The Embodied Voice Activation is based on toning the chakras, harmonizing our energy centers with the sound our our voice, while opening the body gates that connect us to the inexhaustible elemental forces of nature. We remember the empowered sacred creator beings that we are, and allow the vibrant energy of voice to move through us, embodying spontaneity, joy, creativity and trust.

  • Upgrade your posture, breathing, phonation, articulation and resonance by developing the whole body as an instrument and vehicle of voice energy.
  • Recognize limiting relational patterns, which manifest themselves as blockages in your throat and expression.
  • Learn how to scan through toning (intonation of long-lasting vowels) to unlock, harmonize and strengthen the energetic centers in the body.
  • Improve your intonation by listening and feeling accurately with the body when you are in tune.
  • Consolidate your energetic axis to sing without depleting your vitality or hurting the phonatory system.
  • Balance masculine and feminine inner aspects to sing from a place of wholeness within, radically widening your emotional, tonal and expressive range.
  • And So Much More… You will unlock the unlimited potential of singing from your inner source -which is not an abstract concept- but a VERY tangible physical manifestation of embodying the vibrant energy that we are.

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